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Noramco S.A.

En Noramco S.A., nuestra filosofía y compromiso, ha sido entregar los mejores productos y servicios, al mercado forestal; trabajando con profesionalismo y eficiencia para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros clientes.

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Our Company

The company NORAMCO S.A. was constitued last quarter 2005, initiating its activities in the Wood business through the implementation of a production line to manufacture components for boxes used in harvesting produce, oriented for the export markets. Actual shareholders are Andrés Guiloff and Jorge Guiloff, indirectly via Natco Ltda and ELBERTA CRATE & BOX Co.

Actually the Administration, Accounting, Human Resources and the Production are located in the county of Coronel, acting Andrés Guiloff as it's General Manager and Legal Representative.

At the beginning of the Project and for a transitory period a 2,000 m2 third party warehouse was leased in the Parque Industrial Escuadrón, Coronel. In this stage machinery and equipment is acquired for about CH$ 420 millions, implementing 2 surfacing cutting and moulding línes,. Initial crew reached 50 workers, with an output of 800 m3/month.

The final investment Project was materialized in 2007 in the Escuadron Industrial Park, for which the company acquired a 1.3 hectares installation in which almost 6,000 m2 of warehouses were built/repaired.

The actual plant counts with its own Kiln Drying operation, formed by 4 drying chambers and a boiler that uses fuel originating in the production process to assist the rest of the productive process.

In regards to the working forcé, it reaches a permanent dotation of 154 workers of which 25 % corresponds to women.

As a consequence of capting a market niche with a high growing potential, the company developed a investment proyect backed up with the incorpporation of a strategic partner, the US based company Elberta Crate & Box Company, who among other activities has a leadership in the wirebound type boxes in the US market.

The proyect consisted in the implementation of new production infraestructura to empower in a integral way the Project, adding a new moulding line that allowed to increase the production of high quality cleats, complementing it with a NIMF-15 standard certification unit, such standard being of recent application in the domestic market. This units were installed in the actual warehouses, for which no new investment in buildings was required for that purpouse.

The importance of these initiatives lies in the necessity of increasing the production of better quality and finishing products, and specially the need to certify the boxes produced under the new internacional standards, that seeks to avoid the propagation of plagues on the Wood packaging material. By counting with this self unit, the company remains in a highly competitive position, which will allow it to consolidate in the external markets increasing significantly the volumes sent abroad.

Our Team

Andrés Guiloff Kardonsky
General Manager

Team Production